classic colors Black and White

Labor day weekend is coming to an end. Over the weekend, I spent many hours diving into fall fashion magazines. I am loving all the fall trends. Including: classic patterns, emerald green, plum color, and statement necklaces.

Through out the years black and white has always been a staple in both men and women’s fashion. I have been seeing a lot of the stripes and checkered pattern still going strong. I love this because when those patterns are done right.. its like damn girl! haha. Well any way I found some great black and white ¬†outfits and some great black and white photos. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.



P.s. Who made up the rule of no white pants after labor day?



all black + statement necklace

Geometric Patterned Sweater <3

off duty vibes

Christophe Lemaire RTW Fall 2013




Loving the simplicity..

London ELLE



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You know all those tall and skinny women who can pull off the long skirt look… Sometimes I envy you. I am about 5’4 and skinny but have the hour-glass figure.. So I can’t really pull off the long skirt look because it looks like I am wearing a bag. But I have a few friends that are 5’7-5’9 that are tall and skinny and can totally rock these looks! Though I am more of a fan who show off your legs, the long skirt thing is SO GOOD if you can pull it off in a good way!

I found some really great envious looks, that I love! Hope you enjoy Skinny Bitches!



Dressed in all white.

Aaron Feaver




off the shoulder t-shirt and maxi

Amber Heard by Francesco Carrozzini for Net-A-Porter.



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Backstage at Balmain... obsessed



love everything about this, especially the ombre hair and those black boots!


#look #fashion


WW Veruca Salt wear?

Chanel sandies <3


Here are some pictures to INSPIRE you for this weekend. Try something new tomorrow. Wear something that is funky and fun. The best part of trying something new, people stare in envy. 


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