Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Yay! I cannot wait. My friend Megan and I decided to do a fun photo shoot of some fun outfits ūüôā She also has a fashion blog, and is so cute! I also baked some pumpkin pie with my friend Elyssa to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoy this happy thankful holiday!

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Flannel, skirt, and cowboy boots

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Vintage blouse, poka dot skirt, boots

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This is megan the cutest of cutes

Vintage blouse, skirt and super cute vintage shoes


Love you all!


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I remember when I was younger shopping with my mom and we would always walk by the¬†Ralph¬†Lauren¬†adds. We would always wished my dad or a future boyfriend would dress like that. Obviously… that never happens unless the man is a model or super rich. I thankfully found an amazing man, that dresses like that and is an architecht… pretty much best of both worlds.

Any way here are some amazing suits I found. I really wish all men had awesome style like this. I wish I could afford to buy some of this stuff for my boyfriend.





Banana Republic Spring 2012 Mad Men Collection.

Hope you enjoyed!!

Talk soon!


Men Part 3

Today it’s all about the purses, clutches, and wallets we wear with our fun outfits. The bag really does help tie our whole look together. I personally own 6 purses and 2 clutches that I can wear with just about anything. I personally love clutches, they are easy for me to carry things around. Except when shopping… then they kind of suck because you can’t wear it over your shoulder ūüôā haha. Okay so any way lets look and some fun bags shall we?

mint plants, floral clutch <–Simple outfit with a pop of color with a fun bag! I really love this!

x <– Here we have the opposite. Fun dress, simple purse… The purse ties in the outfit.¬†

Clutch NY - WANT <РLove this clutch! It makes the outfit unique! not a big an of the fur jacket thing. Lime green and grey defiantly look good with the black coat.

::¬†<–Love how the bag and shoes match. The pants kind of look like sweat pants, which I really don’t like. But you can see how the bag works with the outfit.

I love this look<– Love this look. So classy! You have a simple pant, shirt and then you add the chain link purse… Which is so cute for a simple look. Then of course you have the bitchin shoes with the fun necklace. I Love this look!

love<– This again is a simple shirt with a simple clutch. The clutch has a pattern down the middle, which gives the outfit some attitude.

<3<– This is such a Capitol Hill Hipster look. I had to add it. It’s all black, which I find kind of boring. But I love the vintage looking bag, with the gold clasp. The bag¬†defiantly¬†adds to the outfit!

fash blazers 28 Work first, play later: Blazers (29 photos) <— I don’t have much to say about this bag, other than I love love love it! The color is¬†impeccable¬†for all seasons.

clutch-fashion-2<– Love this bag and that ring! The whole outfit works in a fun way! I love it. This clutch and the last clutch were found and

<– I absolutely love this as well. It’s very feminine on the bottom and more masculine with the top. The bag is a great brown and has the gold clasp. With out the bag, the outfit would be kind of awkward.¬†

Hope you enjoyed these images! Talk tomorrow!


Clutch it.

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