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classic colors Black and White

Labor day weekend is coming to an end. Over the weekend, I spent many hours diving into fall fashion magazines. I am loving all the fall trends. Including: classic patterns, emerald green, plum color, and statement necklaces.

Through out the years black and white has always been a staple in both men and women’s fashion. I have been seeing a lot of the stripes and checkered pattern still going strong. I love this because when those patterns are done right.. its like damn girl! haha. Well any way I found some great black and white  outfits and some great black and white photos. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.



P.s. Who made up the rule of no white pants after labor day?



all black + statement necklace

Geometric Patterned Sweater <3

off duty vibes

Christophe Lemaire RTW Fall 2013




Loving the simplicity..

London ELLE



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mixed patterns

Today its all about mixing different patterns. I love this trend. Its fun and unique; you should try it. Its a bold fashion statement if done tastefully. Keep in mind when mixing patterns you have to have something to tie the outfit together. Weather it be a necklace or a scarf, or a bracelet, or a headband.  I have found some fun inspiration pictures to look at!

<– The necklace ties the outfit together. I really like the two patterns put together.

 <- Stripes are an easy way to add a mix of pattern. If the color of the stripe is in the color of the pattern it will defiantly work. In most circumstances! 

 <– This all ties in together because she is wearing the brown scarf that goes with the skirt. The scarf balances the outfit. I think this is a really great example of mixing pattern


.<– These shoes in them selves have pattern and mixing colors. I think these shoes are so cute! (If you can walk in them)

<– Love it!

<– Mixing of floral prints! Love love it!

<– I have already posted this picture! But I love this!


Hope you enjoyed! Talk soon!




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Polka dots

When I think of polka dots I think of the 50’s. Polka dots and patterns that look like polka dots are “IN” right now. Polka dots are kind of a hard fit, because the pattern. If you wear a dress, show your waist off! I will say that over and over. 


<– I like the shoes she choose to wear with the dress

<– The waist is shown off, this looks great on her

— My favorite is the one that has the yellow bow in her hair.

<– Love this look! So great!

<– Fun and flirty!

— so cute! Though the shirt would look better tucked in.

<– A great way to add pattern. I love the bracelets as the accent pieces.

<– Love the lace, and polka dot mixture!



Hope you enjoyed! Talk tomorrow! XO


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