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dresses and tennies

My friend Megan and I both have BAD feet at the age of 25 and 26. I have ugly bunions and she has arch issues. With out trying anything else out first Megan bought DANSKO’s. Yes you heard correct DANSKO’s. I cannot even fathom the Dansko ugliness. I have not stooped that low, so I knew I had to reasearch some cute tennis shoes and dress options. I willlll NOT  get Dansko’s at 25. So here are some cute outfits found with comfy looking shoe options.

Website For Discount nike shoes! Super Cheap!!

I love this! Plus since its winter.. cute leggings big scarf and these shoes… YES

This is great for chilly day ~ Liking those shoes big time!

|| Sincerely Jules - JUST DO IT || Blazer: H (similar here )  |  Tee: Zara  |  Faux leather skinnys: Tripp NYC (similar here, here + here) |  Sneakers: Nike  |  Bag: Zara  |  Shades: Karen Walker  |  Heart ring: Ariel Gordon |  Arrow bracelet: Lauren Elan

Sneakers added to a perfect Fall look! via Emerson Fry

Classic and modern

Dress with New Balance Tennis Shoes

midi skirt + bicycle

i would never think to pair these shoes and this jacket with a black dress. well done miss jules, well done.

It looks like Nike and New Balance shoes are the most popular. If I bite the bullet and get some cute Nike tennis I will show you the outfit I pair it with.




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Show me the Shoes

I If you haven’t guessed what this post will be about….  Its all about shoes! Shoes for the summer, shoes shoes shoes:)  I decided to mix men and women’s fashion together for this one! 

Adorable cut!




Love it

Kate Spade Pearl Sandalswomens shoes jeffreynaples women-s-shoes


Natasha of "Snow Black Blog" wearing UO's jumper #urbanoutfitters #jumper #sweater

     Mix No. 6 Snap Sandal


simple look. short shorts


Vans Ludlow

Put together


TH. Beautiful! <– these aren’t summer shoes but I love them

XOXO Werkhet!!

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For the next 3 days its all about MENS FASHION. Personally I am a huge fan of mens fashion. I do some mens styling on the side, so let me know if you or your man needs some help.

The funny thing with men is they put on this front that “they don’t care what they look like”. But the reality is THEY DO CARE! Men are just as insicure as women if not more. Listen up here is a secret : You can be comfortable, and look good. I know I know its a weird concept, but its a true fact!

I am going to take it slow, so today we will do more of the casual outfits, and work our way up to suits by day three.

Okay lets get down to buisness. Lets start with shoes. Women know men have good style when they wear nice shoes. Now I’m not talking about nike sneekers. If you are over the age of 25 and wearing nike sneekers on a daily basis…. uhh lets change that. Unless you’re working out. Here is another tip… all men need at least one nice pair of dress shoes. Do not go with the squared toe, its so bad on so many levels. Yes, there are some exceptions. I will show pictures later to show ya. We also need some good casual shoes, and a pair of nice weekend shoes. These shoes should all be neutral colors so you can wear anything with them. ie (black, brown, grey). The shoe is seriously the basic item to great success with dressing well. 

Jeans/ pants: Half of the men out there wear 2 sizes to big for them. I’m not saying you should wear skinny jeans. But you do need to wear things that are fitted to your body. Otherwise you look bigger than you actually are. Another thing.. If you are wearing cargo pants/cargo shorts… look in the mirror and ask your self “Do I enjoy looking like a 10 year old boy”? Yeah those cargo pants neeeeeed to go!

Shirts/Sweaters: The layering look is fun. We’ll get more into that later. But same with shirts wear your size.

Just remember first impressions are so important. If you dress well, you are more likely to be respected in the work place, as well as day to day life. 

Okay lets look at some pictures now shall we.

Nice, casual & quite handsome without trying.<– Men don’t realize how easy they have it. Dark jeans and a button down and some shoes…. wow what an easy concept. 

very nearly perfect.<– A pair of pants thatf it, and a sweater and a shirt. The rolled pant you will see a lot of. Its really in fashion right now. I love the socks… its a great accent for men.

Amy Creyer, Chicago 2012<– Those are some extra skinny jeans… But you don’t have to wear that skinny of pants. I love this look a lot though! A man in suspenders, So sexy!

Hair, Jacket, Shades, Pants<– Just an easy layering outfit. This is more for the age 20- 25. I really do love this for a casual weekend look.

:)<– I like this look, its a fun spring look. Really good for those relaxed and comfortable guys.

+Wool Herringbone Sportcoat (@ Lands End Canvas) // #soldout #discontinued<– This is a little more advanced. Because you are mixing patterns and texture, but its a really cool concept. I love this because it all works, and its something different.

a good red shoe for summer. It's more of an oxblood...but it's a great color! <– Nice dress shoes.

Ooh, shiny. <– more of a pointy shoe. This would be good for a business man!Viberg chukka #mens #fashion<– I love these boots, they are casual but you can dress them up as well.

ASOS Suede Desert Boot  DKK389.82<–More of a casual shoe, but this as well can be dressed up.

Brown Trail Oxford<– nice tailored pant, with a casual shoe. The color of the shoe is great!

Great socks!<– The socks are a fun detail!

Clarks Desert Boots look great at the office!<– also a good casual shoe!

oh, herro.<– Dressy work outfit.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt<– the layered look. So cute!

Hope you enjoyed. There will be more tips tomorrow! Hope you have a great day!



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mixed patterns

Today its all about mixing different patterns. I love this trend. Its fun and unique; you should try it. Its a bold fashion statement if done tastefully. Keep in mind when mixing patterns you have to have something to tie the outfit together. Weather it be a necklace or a scarf, or a bracelet, or a headband.  I have found some fun inspiration pictures to look at!

<– The necklace ties the outfit together. I really like the two patterns put together.

 <- Stripes are an easy way to add a mix of pattern. If the color of the stripe is in the color of the pattern it will defiantly work. In most circumstances! 

 <– This all ties in together because she is wearing the brown scarf that goes with the skirt. The scarf balances the outfit. I think this is a really great example of mixing pattern


.<– These shoes in them selves have pattern and mixing colors. I think these shoes are so cute! (If you can walk in them)

<– Love it!

<– Mixing of floral prints! Love love it!

<– I have already posted this picture! But I love this!


Hope you enjoyed! Talk soon!




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Lace it up

Today its all about lace. Lace is a popular fashion trend for spring and summer this year. I have noticed a lot of lace shorts at Free people, and Urban Outfitters. I think lace can be apart of any outfit if you make it work ! I have shown you a few lace outfits in my last two posts. The previous post I showed a picture of a polka dot shirt with a pair of lace shorts ( which was super cute). The other one is from my post “Clutch it” and she is wearing a white lace skirt and green top. So lets look at a few outfits now shall we. 

<– Oh how I love this!


 <– Adorable, and I love her boots!

 <- I don’t know why but I love the vest over the top of this dress!



<– Oh Blake Lively can rock anything!

<–Her facial expression is odd… But I love the dress

I like this dress because it could be worn casual or it could be worn dressy.

<– I love love love this outfit. So darling!

Hope you enjoyed! Talk tomorrow!






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Polka dots

When I think of polka dots I think of the 50’s. Polka dots and patterns that look like polka dots are “IN” right now. Polka dots are kind of a hard fit, because the pattern. If you wear a dress, show your waist off! I will say that over and over. 


<– I like the shoes she choose to wear with the dress

<– The waist is shown off, this looks great on her

— My favorite is the one that has the yellow bow in her hair.

<– Love this look! So great!

<– Fun and flirty!

— so cute! Though the shirt would look better tucked in.

<– A great way to add pattern. I love the bracelets as the accent pieces.

<– Love the lace, and polka dot mixture!



Hope you enjoyed! Talk tomorrow! XO


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Spring flowers

Yesterday was the first day of spring! I am so excited! That means summer is only a few months away! Okay  to celebrate spring, today is all about the floral print. I honestly was never a huge fan of floral print until last year. I have a really fun spring/summer skirt I bought, and wear it quite frequently. Okay enough about me. Floral print dresses can be so much fun, but with out a seem to show your waist… that’s were it gets a little tricky. You want to make sure that you either have a belt or a tie to show off your figure. Otherwise the dress can seem like way to much pattern. That’s my little tip of the day. I also recommend wearing fun floral leggings, or a pop pf floral in a clutch like you saw yesterday. So here are the fun pictures 🙂

<– I don’t know why, but I really like this look. It works for her.


<== In some way this totally works!

This is my favorite look ^! Love Love Love it!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Talk tomorrow!


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