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Layering the cute way

Hello my friends,

I am still stuck on the seattle FREEEEZING weather. Its so cold! Today I wore double leggings, a tank, a dress, and a thick sweater and a huge scarf and a big wool coat. I should have taken a picture… I was bundled as bundled can be. Any way tonight I wanted to show you some cute looks, where you can feel warm and look great.

Winter street style

This is a similar look I was wearing today.

Winter Layering //

The Mathisa Sweater as worn by Hello Fashion Blog

cold weather

Layers of cozy knits, in my favorite neutral palette!



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Men part 2

So I don’t have a lot of time to write today, I have a ton of math home work to do. Bleh. 

Yesterday I talked a lot about fitted clothing, and shoes for men. Remember first impressions count! 

Today I am going to go over some layering outfits for men. So if you are a man and you don’t know what layering is… I’m not surprised. it could be a shirt, vest, and a tie. Or it could be a shirt and a sweater. 

Here are some pictures!

I just love the blue pants, printed tie, and green sweater. 


This is a little extreme.. but it all works!


Shirt, Vest, Sweater…. I love the vest!

As much as I don’t like puffy vests, I like his look. 

winter jacket men

That’s all I have for today. Tomorrow, I have some bitchin suit pictures! Talk tomorrow!


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