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dresses and tennies

My friend Megan and I both have BAD feet at the age of 25 and 26. I have ugly bunions and she has arch issues. With out trying anything else out first Megan bought DANSKO’s. Yes you heard correct DANSKO’s. I cannot even fathom the Dansko ugliness. I have not stooped that low, so I knew I had to reasearch some cute tennis shoes and dress options. I willlll NOT  get Dansko’s at 25. So here are some cute outfits found with comfy looking shoe options.

Website For Discount nike shoes! Super Cheap!!

I love this! Plus since its winter.. cute leggings big scarf and these shoes… YES

This is great for chilly day ~ Liking those shoes big time!

|| Sincerely Jules - JUST DO IT || Blazer: H (similar here )  |  Tee: Zara  |  Faux leather skinnys: Tripp NYC (similar here, here + here) |  Sneakers: Nike  |  Bag: Zara  |  Shades: Karen Walker  |  Heart ring: Ariel Gordon |  Arrow bracelet: Lauren Elan

Sneakers added to a perfect Fall look! via Emerson Fry

Classic and modern

Dress with New Balance Tennis Shoes

midi skirt + bicycle

i would never think to pair these shoes and this jacket with a black dress. well done miss jules, well done.

It looks like Nike and New Balance shoes are the most popular. If I bite the bullet and get some cute Nike tennis I will show you the outfit I pair it with.




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Layering the cute way

Hello my friends,

I am still stuck on the seattle FREEEEZING weather. Its so cold! Today I wore double leggings, a tank, a dress, and a thick sweater and a huge scarf and a big wool coat. I should have taken a picture… I was bundled as bundled can be. Any way tonight I wanted to show you some cute looks, where you can feel warm and look great.

Winter street style

This is a similar look I was wearing today.

Winter Layering //

The Mathisa Sweater as worn by Hello Fashion Blog

cold weather

Layers of cozy knits, in my favorite neutral palette!



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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Yay! I cannot wait. My friend Megan and I decided to do a fun photo shoot of some fun outfits 🙂 She also has a fashion blog, and is so cute! I also baked some pumpkin pie with my friend Elyssa to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoy this happy thankful holiday!

Displaying photo.JPG

Flannel, skirt, and cowboy boots

Displaying photo.JPG

Vintage blouse, poka dot skirt, boots

Displaying IMG_5501.JPG.jpeg

This is megan the cutest of cutes

Vintage blouse, skirt and super cute vintage shoes


Love you all!


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This is me

Hello fellow followers,

I am proposing something new. All of my previous posts have been my inspirations and love for fashion. Now I am going to start posting pictures about me, my life, and most importantly my closet. Last night was date night for my husband and I! Lets see what I decided to wear:

Dress: Top Shop (Nordstrom) $50.00

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack $20.00

Scarf: Nordstrom $25.00

Shoes: Cole haan $125.00

I have more pictures to come from my wonderful weekend!


Maggie Jean


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Jeans <3

I love the casual or dressed up jean look. I can’t really do jeans  at work because 1. its not allowed (only Fridays)  and 2. Jeans are unprofessional. Even though you think a preschool teacher should be able to wear jeans… haha.  I have found some really cute outfits that are not to hard to put together!

Jeans are so great, if you can pair them nicely with a cute cardigan and a scarf! Enjoy



long tuxedo jacket and ripped jeans

Denim on denim!




cute and casual

Perfect outfit for a casual fall weekend

plaid, denim + heels

love this whole outfit.

rolled skinny jeans, striped shirt, cardigan over with bright tied-up scarf and loafers or booties



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You know all those tall and skinny women who can pull off the long skirt look… Sometimes I envy you. I am about 5’4 and skinny but have the hour-glass figure.. So I can’t really pull off the long skirt look because it looks like I am wearing a bag. But I have a few friends that are 5’7-5’9 that are tall and skinny and can totally rock these looks! Though I am more of a fan who show off your legs, the long skirt thing is SO GOOD if you can pull it off in a good way!

I found some really great envious looks, that I love! Hope you enjoy Skinny Bitches!



Dressed in all white.

Aaron Feaver




off the shoulder t-shirt and maxi

Amber Heard by Francesco Carrozzini for Net-A-Porter.



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Show me the Shoes

I If you haven’t guessed what this post will be about….  Its all about shoes! Shoes for the summer, shoes shoes shoes:)  I decided to mix men and women’s fashion together for this one! 

Adorable cut!




Love it

Kate Spade Pearl Sandalswomens shoes jeffreynaples women-s-shoes


Natasha of "Snow Black Blog" wearing UO's jumper #urbanoutfitters #jumper #sweater

     Mix No. 6 Snap Sandal


simple look. short shorts


Vans Ludlow

Put together


TH. Beautiful! <– these aren’t summer shoes but I love them

XOXO Werkhet!!

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Summer Style

Its been soooo long! But I am ready to write. Today I found some really cute summer outfit pictures. I have to give Credit to my friend Maggie to inspire me to write again! Hope you all have been well! Remember the side walk is your runway! WERKHET!!


Perfect summer colors!

You know how much I love color

Pink Peonies



Not a big fan of the cut out dresses, but this is an exception!

Sexy Conservative

Wow. Fabulous..I'm speechless

Lace Boho dress from Zara


bow. Adorbs.



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Men part 2

So I don’t have a lot of time to write today, I have a ton of math home work to do. Bleh. 

Yesterday I talked a lot about fitted clothing, and shoes for men. Remember first impressions count! 

Today I am going to go over some layering outfits for men. So if you are a man and you don’t know what layering is… I’m not surprised. it could be a shirt, vest, and a tie. Or it could be a shirt and a sweater. 

Here are some pictures!

I just love the blue pants, printed tie, and green sweater. 


This is a little extreme.. but it all works!


Shirt, Vest, Sweater…. I love the vest!

As much as I don’t like puffy vests, I like his look. 

winter jacket men

That’s all I have for today. Tomorrow, I have some bitchin suit pictures! Talk tomorrow!


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Heels Shpeel

It has been way to long since I have wrote anything. I have been so busy, I am taking a new class for school as well as working another job. So a lot has been going on. So over the weekend I bought my first pair of 4 inch heels because they were 10.00 $ and in my size … And I have been wanting them since Christmas. Here they are!photo.JPG Now personally I don’t wear heels often because I have dancer feet. After dancing for 7 years they just don’t function the same. haha. So any way I am proud to say yesterday I wore them to dinner with my boyfriend and I can defiantly walk in them! What a score. So today is about heels. Obviously if you have not caught on. Lets look at some heels shall we!



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Alexandre Herchcovitch shoes! River Island






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