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Hello Lovelies!

I have found some incredibly fun embroidery clothing. I never thought embroidery could be something I would want to start wearing. So I am happy it took me by surprise. What are your thoughts yes or no. Look at these images and tell me what you think!

P.s. I am starting a new blog all about my first year of being a married women/ tell all about my crazy adventures, parties and concerts and events. I am so excited to show you the real me! I will put the link in one of my posts with in the next week or so. Keep an eye out!



I love these shorts.


Cape Cod Collegiate



You know all those tall and skinny women who can pull off the long skirt look… Sometimes I envy you. I am about 5’4 and skinny but have the hour-glass figure.. So I can’t really pull off the long skirt look because it looks like I am wearing a bag. But I have a few friends that are 5’7-5’9 that are tall and skinny and can totally rock these looks! Though I am more of a fan who show off your legs, the long skirt thing is SO GOOD if you can pull it off in a good way!

I found some really great envious looks, that I love! Hope you enjoy Skinny Bitches!



Dressed in all white.

Aaron Feaver




off the shoulder t-shirt and maxi

Amber Heard by Francesco Carrozzini for Net-A-Porter.



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Perfect amount of Sparkle

I love sparkles. In fact technically, this is blog post #2 about them. I am trying to do more of a suttle sparkle post this time.

When ever I wear sparkles weather going out or just for fun, I always feel sassy and cute. But I will have to say its hard to find a classy sparkly piece of clothing. Sometimes sparkles can def. be trashy. I mean when those people think that sequins pants are great or you go out dancing and you see a girl in a wet seal sparkle dress its like honey please don’t… All you want to say is …  think again sister… hahah.

My advice to you is stick with jackets, dresses and skirts. Though there will probably be debate on my bitchy comment about wet seal.Tell me what you think? Can all sparkles be classy… or will some always remain trashy.  I found some really great looks for this post. I wish I owned the a lot of the sparkle that are in these pictures! Enjoy!



Sequin jacket and denim shorts love this jacket



Scalloped Beaded Mini.













Re entering the Fashion World

Hello  my fashion lovers.  I have returned after a crazy year. I just got married, and life is back on course. I am ready to step it up and start my fashion blog again. I missed you. I live in Seattle and the weather has been lovely. Today is a beautiful sunny day on the hill of Capitol hill. In honor of all my high waisted levi short girls, this one is for you.

A lot of these looks are going to be beachy hair, messy, and edgy. I love Seattle its the place to be. Especially in the summer!



High-Waisted Stripe Shorts

High waisted Shorts, I vote yes!






Lovely+button+down+maxi+dress+features+relaxed+fit+and+ties+in+back.  Condition:+Good Label:+Eddie+Bauer Estimated+Size:+M Color:+Navy Fabric:+Feels+like+cotton+blend Bust:+36" Waist:+36" Length:+51"


sunglasses, long hair, headband<3<3<3


Flat sandals + leather moto.

this dress! photo lee oliveira


Hope you enjoyed. I will be back tomorrow for some new fun styling tips!


Show me the Shoes

I If you haven’t guessed what this post will be about….  Its all about shoes! Shoes for the summer, shoes shoes shoes:)  I decided to mix men and women’s fashion together for this one! 

Adorable cut!




Love it

Kate Spade Pearl Sandalswomens shoes jeffreynaples women-s-shoes


Natasha of "Snow Black Blog" wearing UO's jumper #urbanoutfitters #jumper #sweater

     Mix No. 6 Snap Sandal


simple look. short shorts


Vans Ludlow

Put together


TH. Beautiful! <– these aren’t summer shoes but I love them

XOXO Werkhet!!

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Summer Style

Its been soooo long! But I am ready to write. Today I found some really cute summer outfit pictures. I have to give Credit to my friend Maggie to inspire me to write again! Hope you all have been well! Remember the side walk is your runway! WERKHET!!


Perfect summer colors!

You know how much I love color

Pink Peonies



Not a big fan of the cut out dresses, but this is an exception!

Sexy Conservative

Wow. Fabulous..I'm speechless

Lace Boho dress from Zara


bow. Adorbs.



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I remember when I was younger shopping with my mom and we would always walk by the Ralph Lauren adds. We would always wished my dad or a future boyfriend would dress like that. Obviously… that never happens unless the man is a model or super rich. I thankfully found an amazing man, that dresses like that and is an architecht… pretty much best of both worlds.

Any way here are some amazing suits I found. I really wish all men had awesome style like this. I wish I could afford to buy some of this stuff for my boyfriend.





Banana Republic Spring 2012 Mad Men Collection.

Hope you enjoyed!!

Talk soon!


Men Part 3

Men part 2

So I don’t have a lot of time to write today, I have a ton of math home work to do. Bleh. 

Yesterday I talked a lot about fitted clothing, and shoes for men. Remember first impressions count! 

Today I am going to go over some layering outfits for men. So if you are a man and you don’t know what layering is… I’m not surprised. it could be a shirt, vest, and a tie. Or it could be a shirt and a sweater. 

Here are some pictures!

I just love the blue pants, printed tie, and green sweater. 


This is a little extreme.. but it all works!


Shirt, Vest, Sweater…. I love the vest!

As much as I don’t like puffy vests, I like his look. 

winter jacket men

That’s all I have for today. Tomorrow, I have some bitchin suit pictures! Talk tomorrow!


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For the next 3 days its all about MENS FASHION. Personally I am a huge fan of mens fashion. I do some mens styling on the side, so let me know if you or your man needs some help.

The funny thing with men is they put on this front that “they don’t care what they look like”. But the reality is THEY DO CARE! Men are just as insicure as women if not more. Listen up here is a secret : You can be comfortable, and look good. I know I know its a weird concept, but its a true fact!

I am going to take it slow, so today we will do more of the casual outfits, and work our way up to suits by day three.

Okay lets get down to buisness. Lets start with shoes. Women know men have good style when they wear nice shoes. Now I’m not talking about nike sneekers. If you are over the age of 25 and wearing nike sneekers on a daily basis…. uhh lets change that. Unless you’re working out. Here is another tip… all men need at least one nice pair of dress shoes. Do not go with the squared toe, its so bad on so many levels. Yes, there are some exceptions. I will show pictures later to show ya. We also need some good casual shoes, and a pair of nice weekend shoes. These shoes should all be neutral colors so you can wear anything with them. ie (black, brown, grey). The shoe is seriously the basic item to great success with dressing well. 

Jeans/ pants: Half of the men out there wear 2 sizes to big for them. I’m not saying you should wear skinny jeans. But you do need to wear things that are fitted to your body. Otherwise you look bigger than you actually are. Another thing.. If you are wearing cargo pants/cargo shorts… look in the mirror and ask your self “Do I enjoy looking like a 10 year old boy”? Yeah those cargo pants neeeeeed to go!

Shirts/Sweaters: The layering look is fun. We’ll get more into that later. But same with shirts wear your size.

Just remember first impressions are so important. If you dress well, you are more likely to be respected in the work place, as well as day to day life. 

Okay lets look at some pictures now shall we.

Nice, casual & quite handsome without trying.<– Men don’t realize how easy they have it. Dark jeans and a button down and some shoes…. wow what an easy concept. 

very nearly perfect.<– A pair of pants thatf it, and a sweater and a shirt. The rolled pant you will see a lot of. Its really in fashion right now. I love the socks… its a great accent for men.

Amy Creyer, Chicago 2012<– Those are some extra skinny jeans… But you don’t have to wear that skinny of pants. I love this look a lot though! A man in suspenders, So sexy!

Hair, Jacket, Shades, Pants<– Just an easy layering outfit. This is more for the age 20- 25. I really do love this for a casual weekend look.

:)<– I like this look, its a fun spring look. Really good for those relaxed and comfortable guys.

+Wool Herringbone Sportcoat (@ Lands End Canvas) // #soldout #discontinued<– This is a little more advanced. Because you are mixing patterns and texture, but its a really cool concept. I love this because it all works, and its something different.

a good red shoe for summer. It's more of an oxblood...but it's a great color! <– Nice dress shoes.

Ooh, shiny. <– more of a pointy shoe. This would be good for a business man!Viberg chukka #mens #fashion<– I love these boots, they are casual but you can dress them up as well.

ASOS Suede Desert Boot  DKK389.82<–More of a casual shoe, but this as well can be dressed up.

Brown Trail Oxford<– nice tailored pant, with a casual shoe. The color of the shoe is great!

Great socks!<– The socks are a fun detail!

Clarks Desert Boots look great at the office!<– also a good casual shoe!

oh, herro.<– Dressy work outfit.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt<– the layered look. So cute!

Hope you enjoyed. There will be more tips tomorrow! Hope you have a great day!



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Heels Shpeel

It has been way to long since I have wrote anything. I have been so busy, I am taking a new class for school as well as working another job. So a lot has been going on. So over the weekend I bought my first pair of 4 inch heels because they were 10.00 $ and in my size … And I have been wanting them since Christmas. Here they are!photo.JPG Now personally I don’t wear heels often because I have dancer feet. After dancing for 7 years they just don’t function the same. haha. So any way I am proud to say yesterday I wore them to dinner with my boyfriend and I can defiantly walk in them! What a score. So today is about heels. Obviously if you have not caught on. Lets look at some heels shall we!



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Alexandre Herchcovitch shoes! River Island






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