Perfect amount of Sparkle

I love sparkles. In fact technically, this is blog post #2 about them. I am trying to do more of a suttle sparkle post this time.

When ever I wear sparkles weather going out or just for fun, I always feel sassy and cute. But I will have to say its hard to find a classy sparkly piece of clothing. Sometimes sparkles can def. be trashy. I mean when those people think that sequins pants are great or you go out dancing and you see a girl in a wet seal sparkle dress its like honey please don’t… All you want to say is …  think again sister… hahah.

My advice to you is stick with jackets, dresses and skirts. Though there will probably be debate on my bitchy comment about wet seal.Tell me what you think? Can all sparkles be classy… or will some always remain trashy.  I found some really great looks for this post. I wish I owned the a lot of the sparkle that are in these pictures! Enjoy!



Sequin jacket and denim shorts love this jacket



Scalloped Beaded Mini.














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