For the next 3 days its all about MENS FASHION. Personally I am a huge fan of mens fashion. I do some mens styling on the side, so let me know if you or your man needs some help.

The funny thing with men is they put on this front that “they don’t care what they look like”. But the reality is THEY DO CARE! Men are just as insicure as women if not more. Listen up here is a secret : You can be comfortable, and look good. I know I know its a weird concept, but its a true fact!

I am going to take it slow, so today we will do more of the casual outfits, and work our way up to suits by day three.

Okay lets get down to buisness. Lets start with shoes. Women know men have good style when they wear nice shoes. Now I’m not talking about nike sneekers. If you are over the age of 25 and wearing nike sneekers on a daily basis…. uhh lets change that. Unless you’re working out. Here is another tip… all men need at least one nice pair of dress shoes. Do not go with the squared toe, its so bad on so many levels. Yes, there are some exceptions. I will show pictures later to show ya. We also need some good casual shoes, and a pair of nice weekend shoes. These shoes should all be neutral colors so you can wear anything with them. ie (black, brown, grey). The shoe is seriously the basic item to great success with dressing well. 

Jeans/ pants: Half of the men out there wear 2 sizes to big for them. I’m not saying you should wear skinny jeans. But you do need to wear things that are fitted to your body. Otherwise you look bigger than you actually are. Another thing.. If you are wearing cargo pants/cargo shorts… look in the mirror and ask your self “Do I enjoy looking like a 10 year old boy”? Yeah those cargo pants neeeeeed to go!

Shirts/Sweaters: The layering look is fun. We’ll get more into that later. But same with shirts wear your size.

Just remember first impressions are so important. If you dress well, you are more likely to be respected in the work place, as well as day to day life. 

Okay lets look at some pictures now shall we.

Nice, casual & quite handsome without trying.<– Men don’t realize how easy they have it. Dark jeans and a button down and some shoes…. wow what an easy concept. 

very nearly perfect.<– A pair of pants thatf it, and a sweater and a shirt. The rolled pant you will see a lot of. Its really in fashion right now. I love the socks… its a great accent for men.

Amy Creyer, Chicago 2012<– Those are some extra skinny jeans… But you don’t have to wear that skinny of pants. I love this look a lot though! A man in suspenders, So sexy!

Hair, Jacket, Shades, Pants<– Just an easy layering outfit. This is more for the age 20- 25. I really do love this for a casual weekend look.

:)<– I like this look, its a fun spring look. Really good for those relaxed and comfortable guys.

+Wool Herringbone Sportcoat (@ Lands End Canvas) // #soldout #discontinued<– This is a little more advanced. Because you are mixing patterns and texture, but its a really cool concept. I love this because it all works, and its something different.

a good red shoe for summer. It's more of an oxblood...but it's a great color! <– Nice dress shoes.

Ooh, shiny. <– more of a pointy shoe. This would be good for a business man!Viberg chukka #mens #fashion<– I love these boots, they are casual but you can dress them up as well.

ASOS Suede Desert Boot  DKK389.82<–More of a casual shoe, but this as well can be dressed up.

Brown Trail Oxford<– nice tailored pant, with a casual shoe. The color of the shoe is great!

Great socks!<– The socks are a fun detail!

Clarks Desert Boots look great at the office!<– also a good casual shoe!

oh, herro.<– Dressy work outfit.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt<– the layered look. So cute!

Hope you enjoyed. There will be more tips tomorrow! Hope you have a great day!



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