Rock Confidence

I love the people who can rock looks with confidence. Confidence in your walk down the street, makes anyone look good. Do you know how to walk with confidence? I am going to tell you a scenario and tips…..

1. Say you are wearing a cute outfit, and you feel really good about your self… but you are looking down when you walk. What does that say? When I see women/ girls like that… I think that they don’t have confidence, and they look sad.

2. The first step is keeping your head held high! Make sure you stretch your back up, good posture is KEY!

3. Tip: Wear sunglasses, with the confidence walk. It makes you seem sassy and important!

My boyfriend, love of my life had issues with the “confidence walk”. When I fist met him, he had one of the worst walks I have ever seen. He was all slouched over and looked down when he walked. Also he had confidence when he talked. To me it was weird because he is a good-looking guy, that wears the cutest clothes. So to me I thought his walk did not fit the part. We were dating for about a month or so…. And I finally confronted him. It took him some practice to keep his posture up straight. We literally would practice walking down the street. But now Mr. Jacob has great posture, and a confident walk.

Any way moral of the story.. walk with confidence. Remember the streets are your runway. WERHKHET!

angelica blick


I Love this!!


this dress is too pretty

Love this look! Cheetah


New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Street Style | Alexander Wang shoes

<– There is my handsome boyfriend! 

Try to walk with confidence today! Keep this in mind.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! So  WERKHET!


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One thought on “Rock Confidence

  1. Jason Kiesau says:

    Hilarious post! Confidence is king! If you don’t have it, you better find it!

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