Lace it up

Today its all about lace. Lace is a popular fashion trend for spring and summer this year. I have noticed a lot of lace shorts at Free people, and Urban Outfitters. I think lace can be apart of any outfit if you make it work ! I have shown you a few lace outfits in my last two posts. The previous post I showed a picture of a polka dot shirt with a pair of lace shorts ( which was super cute). The other one is from my post “Clutch it” and she is wearing a white lace skirt and green top. So lets look at a few outfits now shall we. 

<– Oh how I love this!


 <– Adorable, and I love her boots!

 <- I don’t know why but I love the vest over the top of this dress!



<– Oh Blake Lively can rock anything!

<–Her facial expression is odd… But I love the dress

I like this dress because it could be worn casual or it could be worn dressy.

<– I love love love this outfit. So darling!

Hope you enjoyed! Talk tomorrow!






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One thought on “Lace it up

  1. Mary G says:

    Thanks Mags! You’ve just given me new inspiration! I have a lot of vintage lace! lets’s get sewing!

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