Its all about the details

Hey all! It has been 3 days since I have posted on this thing. Its been pretty busy around here. Plus it was St. Patrick’s day! I hope you all wore your green! Any way… Today is all about the details. The details in your clothing are what set it apart from the rest. For example unique buttons, fun patterns on the inside of your jackets,different colored cuffs ect.

Those fun details make you an individual when wearing clothing. So if you are looking for something unique like that look for those fun aspects in the clothes you buy. Here are a fun pictures to show you what I mean


 fun shorts!


 The one on the right. Not a big fan of the one on the left.



 <– a bracelet

Jonathan Saunders Fashion1 Spring / Summer 2011 Collection by Jonathan Saunders The orange stripe on the girls shirt, as well as the color block shoes

Anouck Lepere by Steven Pan for Interview Russia

I like the white piping on the sweater. It adds to the outfit.

Pearls :)

boozt coat fun color block jacket and necklace

Well that’s all I have for today! Finals day is tomorrow, so I will post after!

Super Stylish!

Talk tomorrow XO

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