Yellow Love.

Today is a gloomy day in Seattle. Despite that it is cloudy and windy, I wore bright yellow zip up today! When I went to get coffee, in my Hipster village, everyone was wearing grey and earthy tones (per usual). The woman ringing me up, said “I’m so happy you wore yellow it makes me smile”.  I smiled back, and life went on. I knew what she meant by that comment though. Yellow reminds people of the sun in most cases. The sun brings happiness to us Seattle people. We spend half of the year in grey rainy weather. When we see sunshine, everyone is outside. When the sun shines people are bike riding, going to the park, walking there dogs, smiling, and enjoying every minute. The sunny days we get in Seattle, makes living here worth every penny!

So I figured today should be about the color Yellow (if you didn’t pick that up already).

Some of you may already know that mustard yellow was a very popular color last summer/fall 2011. Mustard yellow really is a great color to join in your wardrobe. It goes great with black, as well as pretty much any other color you can think of.

Bright yellow is a fun when used both in small amounts and big amounts. My mom bought me a bright yellow cable knit sweater from jcrew. It is such a fun and bold piece to wear. I also have a bright yellow skinny belt to add a pop of color to an outfit.  The skinny belt in any color or pattern is a great way to make your outfit unique.

If you are going to go with a yellow pant, I suggest white for the top, but a pattern top is fun too. Black and yellow are fun too but… if you wear too much black on top it could make the outfit look too heavy on top.

Okay okay enough tips, let me show you some great pictures!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures! Get inspired and bring some sunshine into your life!

Talk tomorrow!



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