Fun day Sunday!

Tomorrow is Sunday. I love Sundays. This is what I have noticed with both men and women. Here is a made up Scenario that I have created haha.

THEM: “Oh its Sunday, I can wear sweats out to run my errands”.

ME: “How hard is it to put jeans on”?

THEM: “Oh well how about if I look like I just  “worked out”.. and dressed in work out gear to do my errands”?

ME: ” Why don’t you wear leggings and a dress”?

THEM: “So Juicy sweat suits don’t work”?

ME: ” Leave the sweat pants, work out gear, and tennis shoes at home….. You’ll be in public.

—So here is the thing: If you need to do errands I would rather you wear a pair of jeans and a zip up and some flats. It looks a little more put together. Plus people will think you showered that day! AND you will feel 100 times better about yourself. The only exception I will make is if you are sick and injured. A stuffy nose does not count. Don’t let me down! Here are some SUNDAY FUN DAY outfits. Cute and Casual!

Comfy casual, created by cynthia335 - I feel like this is my "mom uniform" recently!


WARM and Comfy.


lace shorts are awesome

Casual look on the ground with magazines~

Tapetti Kitten Heels #anthropologie

Just have fun with it!

Tomorrow we will have some fashion don’ts! Have a great Saturday night!

Talk tomorrow!



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