Back to the basics

Lets start from the very beginning.

Step one: Get a bra that fits! Now I’m talking about one that makes your puppies perky. I feel like half the women who get boob jobs, don’t have a proper bra that fits. Helloooo you want to make your boobs look bigger… Get a push up bra! Go to Nordstroms and buy 50 new fun bras, rather than spending $50,000 on a new pair of boobs. (Just my opinon) Your boobs ARE good enough. Your bra just sucks! The point is go to the bra section, and get fitted. You will be surprised how much lifting your boobs up, makes a difference. It not only makes you look good, it also improves your posture as well.

Step two: Underwear. If your underwear sticks out when you bend over… throw them away right now! No one wants to see your unmentionables… especially if they are ugly. Realize this. YOU ARE BETTER THAN GRANNY PANTIES. Go to Victoria Secret and you can get the 5 for 25 deal. Or the 3 for 30 deal. Having three pairs of cute underwear is better than none. I’m not saying you have to buy thongs or sexy underwear. Buy something that will make you smile when you put them on. Just because you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70; doesn’t mean you get to give up on your self.

Step three: Buy a pair of Dark wash jeans. Now I know every one dreads finding jeans. Everyone is a different shape. I am aware of that. So here are a few tips for finding your perfect denim.

                        * If you have a boyish figure:   LOOK FOR: Low-rise, straight-leg styles with a fitted behind.

                                                                        AVOID: Flares cut for curvier shapes

                                                                          TIPS: Tuck in your shirt for more shape, Skinny jeans are flattering


                        * If you are short:                     LOOK FOR: A style that doesn’t overwhelm your natural shape

                                                                        AVOID: Wide legged jeans

                                                                       TIPS: Wear your jeans a bit long, and pair them with heels, Dark jeans have an elongate look


                        *If you have a full behind:      LOOK FOR: Dark wash, has a slight flare, and a bit of a stretch to it.

                                                                       AVOID: High wasted wasted pants, big flare, super skinny jeans

                                                                       TIPS: Lower rise jeans makes more room for the behind, boot cut style balances out the body


                      *If you are curvy:                      LOOK FOR: Styles with at least a bit of stretch and straight or flared legs. You might have to fit your hips and behind, then have a tailor take in the waist.

                                                                       AVOID: Skinny jeans that are to tight on the ankle and to tight on the waist.

                                                                       TIPS: Avoid pocket designs, for a tighter fit: go a size up then get them tailored, DARK WASH


                     *Short waist:                            LOOK FOR: Lower rise, longer hem

                                                                     AVOID: High waist styles, and details around the top.

                                                                     TIPS: Wear skinny belts, and boyfriend jeans will be cute and casual.


Step 4: Basic colored shirts. If you are looking for an easy throw on outfit, a basic shirt and denim will work perfectly. I would suggest american apparel for all different shirt cuts and colors. But I also will have to say pattern shirts with a pair of dark jeans go perfectly too. I will talk about pattern soon, but I just had to add that little tid bit!

Here are some basic, and fun outfits I suggest trying!

This is an anthropologie look! The Dark jeans, and green coat are the show stoppers. I’m not a big fan of the shirt. Everything else you can wear with multiple items.


This is a super cute and casual outfit. Again with the dark washed jeans!

pop of color

Patterned tops with a good fitting pair of jeans is always a defiant yes! And a pop of color!

Assecories are always essential. We have dark jeans, a white shirt and a fun scarf and belt! Perfect through on outfit!

For more of a curvy shape 🙂 Everything works with this.. You don’t have to wear black! You can wear other colors!

Love grey and turquoise together

This is all I have for you today! Hope you enjoy. Let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions you want me to write about next!

 More tomorrow


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