Ugg Boot Rant..

Today is day one. Fashion is every where. Its a way of life. To me, the people on the streets are the inspiration. Well…. in most circumstances. I can’t say that Ugg boots and leggings are something I would consider inspiration. I call that, a walk of shame disaster. I live in Capitol Hill in Seattle. I don’t think I can say, that I have ever seen Ugg boots. Thank god. However downtown is a short 15 min. walk away. That’s a different story. I’m going to get off the Ugg boot rant. I think that everyone has there own style. It may be a bad, it may be good. But we all are individuals  in our own way. I am creating this blog for you and for me. I want to give you my fashion/beauty advice. I want you all to WORK IT. Walk the streets like it is your run way. We only live once. Do you really want to spend it wearing pajama pants tucked into your Ugg Boots? I think not. So let me help you put a little sparkle in your life.

<– Alexander Mcqueen

<–Jak and Jil

hair doughnut


Talk tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Ugg Boot Rant..

  1. Jake says:

    Love it! Work it Girl

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Work it, Mag! I love that you’re starting a fashion blog! Have fun with it!

  3. Mike G says:

    Good advice and nice blog.

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