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Rock Confidence

I love the people who can rock looks with confidence. Confidence in your walk down the street, makes anyone look good. Do you know how to walk with confidence? I am going to tell you a scenario and tips…..

1. Say you are wearing a cute outfit, and you feel really good about your self… but you are looking down when you walk. What does that say? When I see women/ girls like that… I think that they don’t have confidence, and they look sad.

2. The first step is keeping your head held high! Make sure you stretch your back up, good posture is KEY!

3. Tip: Wear sunglasses, with the confidence walk. It makes you seem sassy and important!

My boyfriend, love of my life had issues with the “confidence walk”. When I fist met him, he had one of the worst walks I have ever seen. He was all slouched over and looked down when he walked. Also he had confidence when he talked. To me it was weird because he is a good-looking guy, that wears the cutest clothes. So to me I thought his walk did not fit the part. We were dating for about a month or so…. And I finally confronted him. It took him some practice to keep his posture up straight. We literally would practice walking down the street. But now Mr. Jacob has great posture, and a confident walk.

Any way moral of the story.. walk with confidence. Remember the streets are your runway. WERHKHET!

angelica blick


I Love this!!


this dress is too pretty

Love this look! Cheetah


New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Street Style | Alexander Wang shoes

<– There is my handsome boyfriend! 

Try to walk with confidence today! Keep this in mind.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! So  WERKHET!


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Today Its all about inspiration. I wanted to show pictures of some powerful and bold pieces created by Alexander Mcqueen. He had such talent. Sadly he died last year at the age of 40. Some of his creations were out of this world, but truly inspired.





 <– LOVE

<–And there is him, himself!


Hope you enjoyed. I will have more tomorrow!





mixed patterns

Today its all about mixing different patterns. I love this trend. Its fun and unique; you should try it. Its a bold fashion statement if done tastefully. Keep in mind when mixing patterns you have to have something to tie the outfit together. Weather it be a necklace or a scarf, or a bracelet, or a headband.  I have found some fun inspiration pictures to look at!

<– The necklace ties the outfit together. I really like the two patterns put together.

 <- Stripes are an easy way to add a mix of pattern. If the color of the stripe is in the color of the pattern it will defiantly work. In most circumstances! 

 <– This all ties in together because she is wearing the brown scarf that goes with the skirt. The scarf balances the outfit. I think this is a really great example of mixing pattern


.<– These shoes in them selves have pattern and mixing colors. I think these shoes are so cute! (If you can walk in them)

<– Love it!

<– Mixing of floral prints! Love love it!

<– I have already posted this picture! But I love this!


Hope you enjoyed! Talk soon!




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Lace it up

Today its all about lace. Lace is a popular fashion trend for spring and summer this year. I have noticed a lot of lace shorts at Free people, and Urban Outfitters. I think lace can be apart of any outfit if you make it work ! I have shown you a few lace outfits in my last two posts. The previous post I showed a picture of a polka dot shirt with a pair of lace shorts ( which was super cute). The other one is from my post “Clutch it” and she is wearing a white lace skirt and green top. So lets look at a few outfits now shall we. 

<– Oh how I love this!


 <– Adorable, and I love her boots!

 <- I don’t know why but I love the vest over the top of this dress!



<– Oh Blake Lively can rock anything!

<–Her facial expression is odd… But I love the dress

I like this dress because it could be worn casual or it could be worn dressy.

<– I love love love this outfit. So darling!

Hope you enjoyed! Talk tomorrow!






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Polka dots

When I think of polka dots I think of the 50’s. Polka dots and patterns that look like polka dots are “IN” right now. Polka dots are kind of a hard fit, because the pattern. If you wear a dress, show your waist off! I will say that over and over. 


<– I like the shoes she choose to wear with the dress

<– The waist is shown off, this looks great on her

— My favorite is the one that has the yellow bow in her hair.

<– Love this look! So great!

<– Fun and flirty!

— so cute! Though the shirt would look better tucked in.

<– A great way to add pattern. I love the bracelets as the accent pieces.

<– Love the lace, and polka dot mixture!



Hope you enjoyed! Talk tomorrow! XO


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Spring flowers

Yesterday was the first day of spring! I am so excited! That means summer is only a few months away! Okay  to celebrate spring, today is all about the floral print. I honestly was never a huge fan of floral print until last year. I have a really fun spring/summer skirt I bought, and wear it quite frequently. Okay enough about me. Floral print dresses can be so much fun, but with out a seem to show your waist… that’s were it gets a little tricky. You want to make sure that you either have a belt or a tie to show off your figure. Otherwise the dress can seem like way to much pattern. That’s my little tip of the day. I also recommend wearing fun floral leggings, or a pop pf floral in a clutch like you saw yesterday. So here are the fun pictures 🙂

<– I don’t know why, but I really like this look. It works for her.


<== In some way this totally works!

This is my favorite look ^! Love Love Love it!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Talk tomorrow!


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Today it’s all about the purses, clutches, and wallets we wear with our fun outfits. The bag really does help tie our whole look together. I personally own 6 purses and 2 clutches that I can wear with just about anything. I personally love clutches, they are easy for me to carry things around. Except when shopping… then they kind of suck because you can’t wear it over your shoulder 🙂 haha. Okay so any way lets look and some fun bags shall we?

mint plants, floral clutch <–Simple outfit with a pop of color with a fun bag! I really love this!

x <– Here we have the opposite. Fun dress, simple purse… The purse ties in the outfit. 

Clutch NY - WANT <– Love this clutch! It makes the outfit unique! not a big an of the fur jacket thing. Lime green and grey defiantly look good with the black coat.

:: <–Love how the bag and shoes match. The pants kind of look like sweat pants, which I really don’t like. But you can see how the bag works with the outfit.

I love this look<– Love this look. So classy! You have a simple pant, shirt and then you add the chain link purse… Which is so cute for a simple look. Then of course you have the bitchin shoes with the fun necklace. I Love this look!

love<– This again is a simple shirt with a simple clutch. The clutch has a pattern down the middle, which gives the outfit some attitude.

<3<– This is such a Capitol Hill Hipster look. I had to add it. It’s all black, which I find kind of boring. But I love the vintage looking bag, with the gold clasp. The bag defiantly adds to the outfit!

fash blazers 28 Work first, play later: Blazers (29 photos) <— I don’t have much to say about this bag, other than I love love love it! The color is impeccable for all seasons.

clutch-fashion-2<– Love this bag and that ring! The whole outfit works in a fun way! I love it. This clutch and the last clutch were found and

<– I absolutely love this as well. It’s very feminine on the bottom and more masculine with the top. The bag is a great brown and has the gold clasp. With out the bag, the outfit would be kind of awkward. 

Hope you enjoyed these images! Talk tomorrow!


Clutch it.

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Its all about the details

Hey all! It has been 3 days since I have posted on this thing. Its been pretty busy around here. Plus it was St. Patrick’s day! I hope you all wore your green! Any way… Today is all about the details. The details in your clothing are what set it apart from the rest. For example unique buttons, fun patterns on the inside of your jackets,different colored cuffs ect.

Those fun details make you an individual when wearing clothing. So if you are looking for something unique like that look for those fun aspects in the clothes you buy. Here are a fun pictures to show you what I mean


 fun shorts!


 The one on the right. Not a big fan of the one on the left.



 <– a bracelet

Jonathan Saunders Fashion1 Spring / Summer 2011 Collection by Jonathan Saunders The orange stripe on the girls shirt, as well as the color block shoes

Anouck Lepere by Steven Pan for Interview Russia

I like the white piping on the sweater. It adds to the outfit.

Pearls :)

boozt coat fun color block jacket and necklace

Well that’s all I have for today! Finals day is tomorrow, so I will post after!

Super Stylish!

Talk tomorrow XO

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Sparkle and Shine


I don’t know about you but I love sparkly clothing items. I wish I had more places to wear them too.

lots of sparkle



Enjoy Talk Tomorrow!



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First Date Ideas

First dates are so Exciting! I know for us women, this question always arises: “What am I going to wear”?! Well let me help you out! I have tons of experience with first dates… let me tell you. I have gone on first dates in the morning, day time, and at night.

One VERY important piece of information. The first impression makes or breaks the relationship. It sounds superficial but its completely true. The first thing a man will do is look at your face and what your wearing. So lets hang up those mom jeans, and let me help you impress your potential love match!

Day Dates: If its a lunch, coffee, or walk kind of a date… dress casual! Don’t over dress. You want to find something that is fitted to your body. How about skinny jeans, a cute top, and a cute pair of flats or heels. How about a cute skirt, tight fitting top and pair of heels or flats. ( there will be pictures later)

Night Dates: Dinner dates, Ice cream dates, Getting a drink –> wear something a bit more on the dressy side. Its night time so you can dress up a little bit more. Dress and heels is the best way to go.  How about a cute fitted black dress, with a great pair of shoes.

Hair and Make up: Every single man I have talked to loves the hair down. I don’t recommend wearing it up until the 3rd or 4th date. As for make up, don’t over do it. No one likes women that have caked on make up with tons of bronzer. Its not natural, and looks trashy. I suggest wearing foundation, thin liquid eye liner, mascara, blush, and a pop of color lip gloss. If you can’t do the eye liner, then do natural eye shadows that make your eye color look gorgeous.

Okay time for the pictures, I will start with the more casual date outfits first.




Image Detail


ENJOY! Talk tomorrow!!! XO




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